A Visual Tool for Responsible Decisions.

"Sustainable decisions are central to good corporate development, both strategically and operationally. By successfully integrating the ideas and assessments of employees, innovations are promoted without losing momentum due to resistance. And the satisfaction in the organisation grows." ~Dorothea Erharter, Project Manager of VREDE

We research, test and develop decision-making methods for companies. Also digitally.
We provide you with free support in decision-making processes (moderation) and thus contribute to the research and development of a new software tool.


We, the VREDE project, are a team of researchers and entrepreneurs. In VREDE we are exploring the conception and design of a visual tool for group decision-making. Although there are tried and tested participatory processes for opinion-forming and decision-making, these have so far mainly functioned in an analogue way. In the project, we will find out which decision-making scenarios can be solved well thanks to which methods. We then try to visualise and digitise optimal solution methods and paths. This will enable online-supported participatory processes for opinion-forming and decision-making - also and especially for complex issues.

About VREDE. In VREDE we are developing a digital tool that supports decision-making processes well, is easy to use, intuitively understandable and visually appealing.
VREDE - A Visual Tool For Responsible Decisions
We live in fast times. Often, despite complex issues, decisions have to be made quickly in a company that are sustainable and implementable. Sustainable means that the decisions are supported by as many employees as possible. And implementable means that the decisions made are easily and elegantly integrated into the processes and operations without major resistance. But how do you get "good" team decisions?
Participative opinion-forming and decision-making requires:

  • fast and comprehensible information
  • transparent and cooperative opinion-forming, and
  • clear and comprehensible decisions

There are new, as well as tried and tested methods for this. However, these mainly work in an analogue way.
In addition to the benefits for companies, organisations, municipalities and civil societies, the project also makes an important contribution to social transformation with a view to Agenda 2030 and the Global Sustainability Goals. "Promoting innovations towards a sustainable society in the sense of the Sustainable Development Goals is of great concern to us." ~ Dorothea Erharter

Funding line Laura Bassi 4.0

Project duration 01.10.2019 – 30.09.2022


VREDE is a research project funded by the FFG (Austrian Research Promotion Agency) within the framework of Laura Bassi 4.0 (1st call 2019).




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