Influencing energy consumption through feedback systems. A call for strengthening lifestyle-specific research on energy consumption.

A study commissioned by the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology; project duration: Nov 2009 – Feb 2010

Project management and implementation: Mag. Markus Spitzer (ÖIN)

Feedback systems on energy consumption allow visualising energy consumption in households in an understandable way and in a timely manner, raising awareness for what otherwise takes place mostly unknowingly. An EU directive (cf. Directive 2006(32/EC) encourages all member states to introduce these feedback systems.

The present study reviews international surveys on the topic of feedback systems on energy consumption, focusing particularly on the methods employed in these studies, the savings realised and the basic prerequisites for a well-engineered feedback system. Furthermore, approaches and methods adopted in the different studies are examined in terms of their consideration of lifestyles and patterns of energy consumption, evaluating in how far these factors are taken into account in the design of the studies.

Spitzer, Markus (2010): Die Beeinflussung des Energiekonsums durch Energieverbrauchsrückmeldesysteme. Ein Appell zur Stärkung der lebensstilspezifischen Energieverbrauchsforschung. Final report. Vienna: Institute for Sustainable Development.