Residential satisfaction in Sonnwendviertel

A study on the residential satisfaction of residents in the Viennese urban development area “Sonnwendviertel”

Commissioned by the Vienna city council’s department of housing research (MA 50); project duration: Sep 2015 – Dec 2015

Project management: Dr. Anja Christanell (ÖIN)

Project implementation: Dr. Anja Christanell, Mag. Elisabeth Sophie Mayrhuber, Sylvia Mandl, MSc, Mag. Michaela Leitner (ÖIN)

In the study, the residential satisfaction of residents will be investigated in the already populated residential buildings of the Viennese urban development area “Sonnwendviertel”.

The two main objectives of the study are 1) by means of a quantitative survey among the residents and a qualitative survey of local businesses in Sonnwendviertel to investigate certain aspects of their housing satisfaction, the quality of their neighborhood, the use of their living environment and 2) to gain insights on the implementation of social sustainability in subsidized housing for future residential land use planning, housing subsidies and urban development.

The focus of the study is on the extent to which residents are socially integrated in their living environment. Topics of the survey are therefore not only whether and how the residents are networking with their neighbors, but also the ways in which they come into contact with them and how satisfied they are with the intensity of these contacts. The use of the living environment (the ground floor of concrete areas) from the perspective of the residents, but also the operators of business premises will also be charged, as well as the participation in the design of the living environment. The focus of the study is also on important aspects of residential satisfaction with the housing environment, more precisely with various aspects of the infrastructure and the affordability of living in Sonnwendviertel.

The study gives an insight into how the fourth pillar of social sustainability in the 4-pillar model of the Viennese developer competitions is lived and experienced by the residents of Sonnwendviertel.

Christanell, Anja; Mayrhuber, Elisabeth Sophie; Mandl, Sylvia; Leitner, Michaela (2015): Wohnzufriedenheit im Sonnwendviertel: Eine Studie über die Wohnzufriedenheit von BewohnerInnen in geförderten Wohnbauten des Wiener Sonnwendviertels. Final report. Vienna: Austrian Institute for Sustainable Development.