SMART 4all citizens – Social Indicators for Smart City Profiles

Commissioned by the Austrian Association of Cities and Towns; project duration: Jan 2015 – Mar 2015

Project management: Univ.-Doz. Dr. Dietmar Kanatschnig (OIN)

Project implementation: Univ.-Doz. Dr. Dietmar Kanatschnig, Dr. Anja Christanell (OIN)

Project partner: City of Linz

The Austrian Institute for Sustainable Development (ÖIN) was commissioned by the Austrian Association of Cities and Towns with the analysis of social indicators for Smart Cities, to survey both desirable and undesirable social effects.

By the ÖIN-project “SMART 4all citizens” the social indicators that capture both desirable (eg in terms of quality of life) and undesirable social consequences (eg energy poverty), will be integrated into the existing project “Smart City Profiles” – taking into account the data availability for the relevant Austrian cities.

The addition of social indicators follows in close cooperation with the City of Linz.

Kanatschnig, Dietmar (2015): SMART4all citizens – Soziale Indikatoren für Smart City Profiles. Lecture given at the workshop „Weiterentwicklung von Stadtprofilen zur Smart City“, 25.02.2015, Linz.