Demand for grants in leading sustainability companies

A study commissioned by the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT); project duration: Okt 2008 – Dez 2008

Project management: Mag. Irma Pelikan (ÖIN)

Project implementation: Mag. Irma Pelikan, Dr. Anja Christanell, Univ.-Doz. Dr. Dietmar Kanatschnig (ÖIN)

Supporting the innovation potential of enterprises is of paramount importance when it comes to fostering a structural change in the direction of sustainable economic activity. It is the aim of this study to find the areas in which businesses require support in the development and implementation of sustainable innovation.

This study analyses current and future needs of enterprises as well as concrete expectations towards Austrian innovation support and communicates them to funding partners. It thereby leads the way in evaluating the assessment of needs and requirements regarding prospective innovation funding on part of the businesses.

The study facilitates a direct communication of the businesses’ ideas, suggestions and needs to potential funding partners. Thus, funding programmes such as the BMVIT initiative “sustainable business” may be geared even more to the needs of enterprises which welcome innovation, supporting and endorsing them in their efforts.

Pelikan, Irma; Christanell, Anja; Kanatschnig, Dietmar (2008): Förderungsbedarf führender Nachhaltigkeits-Unternehmen. Eine empirische Erhebung. Final report. Vienna: Austrian Institute for Sustainable Development.