Sustainability workshop with the magistrate of St. Pölten

Commissioned by the magistrate of St. Pölten; project duration: 29. – 30. Oct 2008

Workshop and documentation: Univ.-Doz. Dr. Dietmar Kanatschnig, Dr. Anja Christanell (ÖIN)

On the 29th and 30th of October 2008, the Austrian Institute for Sustainable Development held a sustainability workshop for the magistrate of St.Pölten in the conference centre at Rogner Bad Blumau.

The magistrate of St. Pölten is the first in Austria to compile a sustainability report, and has ambitions of continuing and expanding their course of sustainable development.

In this sense, the workshop focused on the future implementation of sustainability policies in the magistrate. The team of the magistrate elaborated four policies which serve as a basis for the continued orientation of their institution towards sustainability. Furthermore, common values guiding the implementation of sustainability in the following years were discussed and agreed upon, followed by in-depth discussions on the importance of successful internal and external communication (new communication strategies).