SustainABLE energy YOUTHers – Active Research for a More Sustainable Energy Use

Part of the programme “Sparkling Science” (BMWF); project duration: Sep 2010 – Sep 2012

Honoured for its achievements as an Austrian project of the UN decade of “Education for Sustainable Development”

Project management: Dr. Anja Christanell (ÖIN)

Project implementation: Mag. Michaela Leitner, Dr. Anja Christanell, Mag. Markus Spitzer (ÖIN)

Scientific cooperation partners:
University of Education Vienna, Institute for Research, Innovation and School Development (IFIS);
Vienna University for Economics and Business, Institute for Sociology and Social Research

Participating schools: BG/BRG Rahlgasse, Wien; HAK Schulzentrum Ungargasse, Wien

Link to the project on the Sparkling Science website: Project description

In the project ABLE YOUTH, pupils of two Viennese colleges (HAK Schulzentrum Ungargasse, AHS Rahlgasse), together with scientists, are investigating energy consumption habits and energy consumption, as well as personal attitudes towards energy consumption and energy saving in their own families. One year after the first questionnaire, a second survey will follow the first, allowing a comparison of the two sets of data on energy consumption and evaluating in how far the intervention by the pupils – giving energy-related advice – had an effect on attitudes towards energy and energy saving.

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