Sustainable Living and Working in a Cohousing Project: a Comparative, Practice Theory-
Oriented Analysis

Supported by funds of the Oesterreichische Nationalbank; project duration: Oct 2012 – Oct 2015

Project management: Univ. Doz. Dr. Beate Littig

Project implementation: Mag. Michaela Leitner, Sylvia Mandl, MSc (ÖIN)

The study at hand deals with a Cohousing project in Vienna focusing on sustainable living practices. Possible changes in practices are measured by a pre- and post-test comprising quantitative and qualitative research methods.

How do practices of living and of unpaid work change with the move into the Cohousing project regarding their ecological and social sustainability?

Which contexts, processes and resources are necessary or hindering to maintain new practices?

The study examines individual and joint arrangement practices of the future residents with relevance to the field of sustainability, putting special focus on unpaid caring, household and supply work as well as community work.

Using the example of a joint living arrangement will provide answers to the question how practices can be changed sustainably within a consciously shaped setting rich in prerequisites.

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