Researching, we pioneer ways of implementing sustainability, creating links between science and practical experience. The Austrian Institute for Sustainable Development (ÖIN) is committed to transforming our society into one where people live and work in a way which sustains quality of life worldwide, equally distributed and over an extended period of time, preserving it for the generations to come. We are convinced that quality of life is basically determined by three closely intertwined systems:

All three areas have to be strengthened independently of each other in terms of sustainability and cannot be mutually substituted.

At the Austrian Institute for Sustainable Development (ÖIN), we envision a society in which people are conscious of the manifold interdependencies between environmental, economic and social factors, and act accordingly. It is therefore not only the task of experts to ensure a balance between these three systems – it is a collective social responsibility we all bear, especially in the area where we live and act. Sustainability in our view is in equal measure a local, regional, national and global concept.